Jealous of People Who Can Go Places | Managing to Stay Awake During the Day

Wow. I feel a swelling in my throat. I want to cry. I’m desperate. The feeling of desperation has been growing throughout the day. (This is not an unusual phenomenon for me.) One thing that is unusual about this today is that the swelling in my throat is more painful than usual. It’s painful because […]

When People Tell You You Have No Right to Complain

I don’t know how dumb a person has to be to think that they can assume what it’s like to be another person. If a person says something like, “I’m sorry, but other people have it worse. You have no right to complain,” to someone they don’t know then they either have brain damage, have […]

Who Would I Be If It Weren’t for Illness

I feel like there is so much I wish I could do with my life if I had the time, energy and resources. (Time, energy and resources that have been consumed by illness.) I say things to myself sometimes like, illness made me who I am. Illness taught me a lot of valuable lessons. I’m […]

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