Feeling So Lost and Lacking in Direction

I feel fine except . . . I feel lost. I was having another good morning — head was relatively clear and I was able to focus. Although, looking back, I can’t say I was feeling as great as I was feeling the past couple days. For some reason, I had felt so empowered the […]

Noon-time Bummer and the Shocking Loss of Time

Well, I was doing good all morning today. I was clear-headed and able to focus and nothing was bothering me. I thought I was invincible, then when noon hit, I started overheating and got lethargic and unfocused (By overheating, I do not mean a fever. I just get hot without a fever). It came with […]

I Feel a Little Sick, and, Yes, It Was Worsened By Things That Upset Me

Ugh, my stomach feels gross. I really wish I had someone to talk to to tease apart everything that was happening that set me off emotionally and caused me to feel sick to my stomach. (Note: I apologize if anyone has been trying to communicate with me. I have to really to brace myself for […]

When My Brain Drains

I just went brain-dead. I had some good thoughts in my head this morning for what I wanted to write about. Everything was relatively clear in my head. Then I went and ate food and felt drained and unrefreshed. Not sure if it was the physical activity or the food that messed things up. It’s […]

Staying Shut Down to Stay Sane During Loneliness and Trauma

Something finally clicked for me. I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to explain this in words. I’d been thinking about some confusing and traumatic regarding my abuisve family too much lately. I didn’t realize how deep it was sending me into a bad place. Of course, I want to reach out to someone […]

A Weird Brand of Depression

I tried some Bach Rescue Pastilles and started feeling more optimistic and less lethargic. Coincidence? I first started feeling really heavy and lethargic when I got on the computer this morning. I opened the window to let in some fresh air which barely helped. I took the medical cab to an appointment and noticed I […]

Doing Much Better Today

I’m trying to transition from writing privately about my days to writing publicly. The problem is that, if I write publicly, I have to figure out how to explain what I’m dealing with to any random person that might try to read this post and try to comprehend what’s going on. Which makes things so […]

Another Day that Feels Like Eternity

My body’s been feeling too heavy today. I don’t know what it means. It, of course, comes with this desire to do something uplifting in my life. But I don’t know if my life is the reason I feel so heavy. In other words, I’m not sure if this feeling is just caused by my […]

Struggling Through a Therapy Intake

Wow. I didn’t expect it to feel so hard to do a therapy intake. Things were okay at first, but then my therapist wanted to know what happened during the past ten years of my life. A lot happened, and it’s hard to explain. Hard to explain partly because I don’t really know what happened. […]

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